Sunday, October 3, 2010


A while back, on a trip to visit my oldest son Michael's family. I found myself besotted by his two youngest children. While the two older boys were out and about I got to spend some quality hours with one-year-old Meliah and her big brother three-year-old Merrick.

Most of the time I just sat in wide-eyed wonder at their quick minds and delightful antics. After endless confabulated conversations between them (which both understood) and I just tried to keep up with their energetic and unique imaginations, I decided it would be fun to show them a Muppet video made the year their daddy turned four-years-old. 

We found it on You Tube and my babies were enchanted. Over the next three days every available moment was spent in front of the computer screen singing along with the Muppet's. Demands of "Grandma, get Phenomenon! Get Phenomenon!" filled the air. 

Actually the Muppet's were saying Ma No Ma Non"..but it sounded lie Phenomenon to us. (:
After the 100 and 22nd time of hearing the catchy non-sensical tune their demand to see it again was met by audible  moans from their parents and laughter from their Grandma.

Merrick and Grandma Phenomenon
I loved it because sometime during marathon days of listening to the repetitive jingle the demands became, "Grandma Phenomenon get the movie!"...and my nick name was born. Months and months later I still get phone calls and hear these little voices. "Hi Grandma Phenomenon!" How are you?...Grandma Phenomenon I love you!"

So, you may ask, what is the point of this cute 'Grandma story'? Fair enough..the point is as a Christian I believe the Bible is a personal love letter to me from God Almighty. I believe within the stories, instruction, and wisdom of the Bible is a blueprint for my life. I believe it tells me exactly what He thinks of me...which is always affirmative. Graham Cooke says "God never gets disillusioned with us; He never had any illusions about us in the first place.....he doesn't see what is wrong, just what is missing......." I believe that.

My life's challenge is to spend the time, endless hours if need be, to get that truth firmly rooted in my soul...just like my grand babies did with the video. They unquestionably connect that 'Phenomenon' movie with me...I am and forever will be Grandma Phenomenon. It took time, but that is THEIR truth.

The LOVE, BEAUTY, PROVISION, and GRACE of God's Word needs to becomes MY soul's truth. Yes, there is a price to pay....but the payoff is 'PHENOMENAL'!!

In case you would like to see the video that helped me brainwash my grandchildren ... 
may I present ... Ma No Ma Non!! aka Phenomenon!  1976 (: